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Glitteringly Genie-ous! Simply Sensational!
20 January 2024100/1002688 min
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2hrs 30mins
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Glitteringly Genie-ous! A truly spectacular magical show. Disney have done it yet again. Absolutely perfect for a truly wonderful evening out. Be transported to the colourful world of Agrabah and leave feeling fuzzy and warm, what a truly incredible production.

Step onto the magic carpet and buckle up for a theatrical spectacle that transcends the ordinary – Disney’s Aladdin the musical at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth is not just a show; it’s a dazzling symphony for the senses that kicks off this year’s mega tour in style!

A feast for the eyes and ears, Disney’s Aladdin the musical has graced the stage at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. Matinée Dog were delighted to be invited to Press Night on Thursday 18 January 2024 with curtain up at 7pm!

Copyright: Banner Photo and Production photos below by Deen Van Meer (2023/24 UK Tour Photography).

Under the enchanting spell of a star-studded creative team, including musical prowess of Alan Menken, the poetic brilliance of Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, the visionary scenic design by Bob Crowley, lavish and colourful and opulent costumes by Gregg Barnes and the mesmerising lighting by the wizard Natasha Katz – this is a production that demands attention.

Global Superstars!

The cast, a constellation of talent spanning the globe, delivers a performance that’s nothing short of celestial! Gavin Adams (Aladdin) in his debut musical role exudes velvet tones, guiding us from pauper to the extravagant Prince Ali, Yeukayi Ushe (Genie) is a powerhouse, radiating energy and charisma like a diamond in the spotlight, Desmonda Cathabel (Jasmine) plays the princess perfectly again with velvet tones, Adam Strong (Jafar) is the baddie wanting power, there are some pretty impressive magical moments when he’s around, Angelo Paragoso (Iago) the incredibly funny Angelo will have you in hysterics, just watch out for those evil laughs, Jo Servi (Sultan), Nay-Nay (Kassim) Adam Taylor (Omar) and Nelson Bettencourt (Babkak) with an incredible 23 further ensemble and swing members to complement this stellar lineup.

A Magic Carpet Ride into the Magical World of Agrabah

Our evening began with a pre-show press event, featuring the delightful “Genie-Tini” which added a wonderful touch to the start of what was soon to be one of the best evenings we have had at the theatre! The atmosphere was already buzzing with the excitement of what we were about to witness, lets face it you cannot really go wrong with a Disney musical!

The set, the songs, the costumes, what can we say simply sensational! As soon as the carpet curtain rises you are transformed to the colourful magical world of Agrabah! We were blown away by the sheer quantity and quality of the sets and costumes. The Genie’s ever-changing outfits add a real dazzle to the show. I for one have never seen so much glitter in my life, and I love glitter!

A truly stand out moment is the reveal of the magic cave, where only the diamond in the rough (Aladdin) can enter. You can hear every single person in the audience gasp with awe at the glittering gold! No spoilers but Genie’s entrance is incredible along with the most incredible rendition of “Friend Like Me” just where does he get all that stamina from?

Packed full of Disney hit songs like “A whole new world”, “Prince Ali”, “Diamond in the rough” and “A million miles away” orchestrated by a live ensemble, elevated the show to a stand-out level. Impeccable choreography brought the magic alive, turning the stage into a spectacle akin to a Disney fireworks display.

Soaring, tumbling free wheeling!

And then, the pièce de résistance – the flying carpet, transporting us into a whole new world of wonder. Disney’s magic seamlessly translated from screen to stage, leaving us in awe of the seemingly impossible. With no visible wires or actors in black costumes, it was a sight that etches itself into memory. A starlit night, the enchanting “A Whole New World” – don’t you dare close your eyes!

Of course this show gets FIVE magic Lamps! Glitteringly Genie-ous! A friendly nudge to book those tickets ASAP! With good availability mid-week and Sunday’s do not miss your chance to experience this outsrandigly incredible Disney musical. Book your tickets here.

Aladdin runs at Theatre Royal Plymouth until Sunday 11 February 2024! Then soars to further venues throughout 2024 into 2025, view tour dates here.

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