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The ultimate disney musical, jam packed full of magic and stunning scenery!
10 April 2022100/10010087 min
Theatre Royal Drury Lane
UK Premiere
8 September 2021
US Premiere
17 October 2017
Running Time
2hrs 15mins
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If we had to use one word to describe this show it woudl be PHENOMENAL! Disney have done it yet again, this show is simply stunning. The magic moments throughout the production will have you in awe.

Frozen: The Musical has to be one of our all time favourite Disney productions and we are so happy that it is now here in London at Theatre Royal Drury Lane! It is worth noting that Theatre Royal has undergone a hugely impressive refurbishment and looks just as stunning as the show! We hope Frozen stays here forever!

Copyright: Cover Image (London Production) by Johan Persson

Matinée Dog has seen Frozen three times now and we just cannot get enough of this truly epic production! From the moment you are greeted by the wonderful Red Coats at the grandest theatre in London you will be in awe of the magnificent refurbishment and grandeur that is the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Check out a couple of our pictures of the venue below! Make sure you visit the Champagne bar that has phenomenal chandeliers and of course why not treat yourself to some Tatty Dahling! We did!

The auditorium itself will also have you in awe, we just didn’t know where to look. So, for the show, where do we even begin? If we had to use one word for this production it would have to be PHENOMENAL.

Samantha Barks currently leading as Elsa shines through like a diamond from the moment she steps on stage to those wonderful bows when it starts snowining in the auditorium. Stephanie McKeon as Anna equally shines out and the chemistry between the two sisters is simply magical. This production is packed full of magical moments, some of them will even leave you questioning how on earth did they do that. Disney really have brought the magnificent Frozen to stage in a simply beautiful way. Not to forget Sven and Olaf, they simply make the show it was truly wonderful to see the kids in the audiance smile with joy as the pair step foot onto the stage.

The set is itself a masterpiece! The sparkling crystals in the ice palace dazzle your eyes and that super famous impressive dress change will leave you in awe! Arendale is truly brought to life from the opening of the gates to the ice cold sections of the show you will love every second!

Having sat in both the stalls and royal circle, we would suggest a seat further back or higher up will give you the best view of the magic although, saying that the snow at the end of the show is best seen from the front of the stalls. Depending on your budget there are seats for everyone, the refurbished Theatre Royal truly has a perfect view from every seat.


Principal Leading Cast as at January 2022

  • Samantha Barks: Elsa
  • Stephanie McKeon: Anna
  • Craig Gallivan: Olaf
  • Oliver Ormson: Hans
  • Obioma Ugoala: Kristoff
  • Richard Frame: Weselton
  • Ashley Birchall: Sven
  • Mikayla Jade: Sven

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Honestly, this is a must see show in London right now.

Adam Richards

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