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A dazzling spectacle packed full of heartfelt performances
7 April 202490/10025610 min
UK Tour
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Everybody really should be talking about Jamie New, the boy who stepped out of the darkness and into the spotlight. The show's poignant narrative, dazzling choreography, and comedic moments leave a lasting impression, celebrating self-acceptance and authenticity. Don't miss this theatrical gem on its UK tour for a night of laughter, tears, and empowerment.

Everybody really should be talking about Jamie! We caught this production at Theatre Royal Plymouth on Saturday 6 April 2024. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie follows the true story of Jamie New, a sixteen year old boy who lives on a council estate in Sheffield. Jamie doesn’t quite fit in. Supported by his brilliant mum and surrounded by friends Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness and into the spotlight!

With an original score of catchy pop tunes by lead singer-songwriter of The Feeling, Dan Gillespie and writer Tom MacRae this hit musical will have you talking about Jamie for decades to come. Nica Burns presents this Sheffield Theatres Production of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, directed by Jonathan Butterell.

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Star Studded Showcase

Ivano Turco as Jamie, The Heart and Soul of the Show: Ivano Turco mesmerized the audience with his velvety tones and nuanced portrayal. With every step, every word and every tear Turco effortlessly captured Jamie’s struggles and triumphs, inviting us into his world with a magnetic charm that left us spellbound, no wonder everybody’s talking about, yes you guessed it Jamie!

Kevin Clifton as Hugo/Loco Chanelle: Clifton graced the stage as the world class drag act Loco Chanelle, his wit and charm shone through from the moment stepped foot on the stage to the sparkling diamond at the end of the show. Clifton shows Jamie what it takes to become the best, and to rise above, step out of the darkness and into the spotlight and boy does he do that.

Rebecca McKinnis as Margaret, A Mother’s Unconditional Love: In the role of Jamie’s unwaveringly supportive mother, Margaret, Rebecca McKinnis delivered a performance that tugged at the heartstrings. With a warmth and authenticity that radiated from the stage, McKinnis embodied the essence of maternal love, making it impossible not to fall in love with her character, not to forget her gut-wrenching “He’s My Boy” a phenomenal rendition, our hairs were standing up on our necks and yes, the tissues were required, this deserved an ovation of its own.

Sejel Kashwala as Ray: Stepping into the shoes of Jamie’s flamboyant mentor, Ray, Sejel Kashwala dazzled with her comedic charm and larger-than-life presence. With every quip and gesture, Kashwala brought Ray to life, infusing the stage with an infectious energy that had the audience roaring with laughter.

Jordan Ricketts as Dean, The Bully with a Lesson to Learn: As the bully Dean, Jordan Ricketts delivered a performance that was both chilling and poignant. With a commanding presence and a hint of vulnerability, Ricketts portrayed Dean’s journey from antagonist to ally with remarkable depth and authenticity, having seen Ricketts in this production several times now he really is incredibly talented.

The Drag Queens: A Trio of Comedy Gold

Ky Kelly as Laika Virgin, Garry Lee as Sandra Bollock, and David Mcnair as Tray Sophisticay stole the show with their uproarious antics and show-stopping medley at the end of the show. From their hilarious banter to their fabulous performances, the trio had the audience in stitches from start to finish, leaving an indelible impression that lingered long after the final curtain call.

The cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie brought depth, sincerity, and a touch of magic to the stage. Their performances were not just a delight to watch but an invitation to immerse ourselves fully in the vibrant world they created, making for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Stage Splendour

The musical score, a harmonious blend of toe-tapping melodies and soul-stirring ballads, served as the perfect accompaniment to the heartfelt narrative. From uplifting anthems celebrating individuality to poignant solos that tugged at the heartstrings, every note was delivered with passion and precision. But it wasn’t just the performances that dazzled; the production value was nothing short of spectacular. The set design transported us from the bustling streets of Sheffield to the glitzy lights of a drag queen’s dressing room, while the costumes added an extra layer of pizzazz to the already sparkling affair.

Of course, no review would be complete without mentioning the show-stopping choreography. From high-energy dance numbers that had the audience tapping their feet in unison to poignant routines that conveyed a myriad of emotions, the choreography was a true feast for the eyes.

As the final curtain fell and the audience erupted into thunderous applause along with an almost instantaneous standing ovation, it was clear that Everybody’s Talking About Jamie had left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness it. A triumph of storytelling, performance, and sheer entertainment, this musical is not to be missed.

A nearly perfect performance

While the talent of the cast and the spectacle of the production are undeniable, it must be noted that the sound quality at times left something to be desired. There were moments when conversations were difficult to hear, and instances where the microphone levels seemed too high, resulting in yelling rather than singing. However, these minor flaws pale in comparison to the overall brilliance of “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.”

If you are ever in need of a theatrical pick-me-up, do yourself a favor and secure tickets to “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and most importantly, you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for the power of acceptance and the beauty of being true to oneself.

Currently touring the UK, catch this masterpiece of theatre near you soon. Check out where Jamie is next and book tickets here.


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